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Two Months Till the World Cup Series In India Vs Sri Lanka

India Vs Sri Lanka fans enjoy a fantastic experience in their country as both the teams are known to play some of the finest cricket matches in the world. Many people from various countries are already getting glued to this competition with greater interest. This has been witnessed in different nations such as UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand. The popularity witnessed in these games is the same as that of the ongoing Test series. Cricket world cup has a great level of popularity in all areas and all cricketing nations have been cheering on this competition.


Both teams are preparing for the Test Series, which begins at Galle on November 5th. In previous Tests both India and Sri Lanka have won two out of three Tests. The previous series was held in the United Kingdom where India managed to win the entire game. In this Test series Sri Lanka have lost the first two Tests by a margin of 4 runs. The gap between the winning team and the losing team in these Tests is just 2 points.


Today both the Lankan team and India have been preparing for this amazing contest. Sri Lanka Cricket Association has announced the date & venue for the first Test against India in April/May. However, earlier there were speculations regarding the venues. Now it is confirmed that the venues will be Kandy, Galle and Chennai. There are different Cricket Board for different destinations and the selection of the venues have also made many speculations.


There are also many speculations regarding the dates and the conditions of the Tests. The officials have also not ruled anything out. They have kept a close eye on the reports from the physiotherapists and cricketers. So no doubt about the venues and conditions have remained unaffected. It is expected that in the month of December the temperatures in the four corners of the country which includes Delhi, Kanyakumari, Chennai and Kollam will be slightly higher. This slight increase in the temperature will make the pitch even warmer.


The normal season for playing Cricket at this part of the year starts from the month of August and ends in the month of September. Therefore it is expected that the Indian team will be getting some practice at this part of the year. During this time the players will get to practice on the pitches of Colombo and the nets will be available at the Sri Lanka Cricket Stadium only. On the other hand the batsmen should be aware of the fact that only six wickets can be picked up in the month of September.


During the second week of August the temperature will start to rise in Delhi. As a result the venues for the ongoing Sri Lanka vs India Test series in India should also be taken into consideration. If both the venues are agreeable to the players and the teams then both the sides can have a great time playing cricket at these venues. The venues for the game should be easy to manage and affordable too. On the first day of the series the venue for the game in the southern part of India was the Hamburger Bier Garten in Colombo.


Earlier in the month of December the fans had been left disappointed after hearing that the Cussle Bowl in Chennai was being played as a part of the pre-season matches in South Africa. However, this has now been changed to the Odi Stadium in Bloemfontein. The Cussle Bowl has a capacity of close to eighty thousand people but as the date of the first Test match in India against Sri Lanka approaches so many fans have started to book tickets well in advance to get good seats in the stadium. Some other venues may also be used by fans to watch the match including the IPL matches in Bangalore and Kolkata as well as the Twenty20 International matches in Johannesburg. Cricket world cup 2021 is another event which is also approaching and if the Indian team to win this tournament it will boost the popularity of cricket in India.


Many fans are opting for holidays and vacations during the month of December to celebrate the two world cup events. There are many other events which should also be looked into closely during this time. The IPL season starts from the month of September and will go on until the end of the year. The other major event is the FIFA World Cup, which is due to be held in Africa in February 2021. Cricket fans from all over the country are excited about all these events and look forward to a great season of cricket in India Vs Sri Lanka.

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