india vs sri lanka test series history

India Vs Sri Lanka Test Series History

India vs Sri Lanka test series, IPL T20 international match series between India and Sri Lanka which will be played between 28th April and 30th April 2021. This is the second IPL season for India and Sri Lanka which will be played in the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India. Both these teams are going for another successful season. Both countries have some top class players to choose from in this tournament. Both have star batsmen like Srikanth, Dinesha, Tillakaratne Prasoon premade overs and wickets.


In this year’s IPL season India has some exciting choices to make. They have many options to choose from. With the inclusion of opener Dinesha Walla this has been a chance for India to prove their dominance in all forms of cricket. This is the first season for debutants and the first taste of playing for an IPL franchise in India. So expect some fireworks and close competition in the team as they try to win the ITP title for a third consecutive time.


In this test series Sri Lanka has a great opportunity to put a run in to India. It has been Sri Lanka’s strategy to prevent India from winning this ITP season. They were counting on whether or not India’s batsmen would be able to cope with their fast bowlers who are known for their off-spin. Well, that didn’t happen. This series proved that India is the team to beat when it comes to cricketing supremacy.


The two teams in this match-wise statistics had a chance to shine. The performance of the bowlers was disappointing, while the performances of the batsmen displayed excellent performances. It was the Indians who came out on top thanks to timely wickets and some fine catches. Lanka couldn’t find the gaps in their defence, which helped them come out as winners.


Since the inception of the ITP, there have been two different IPL franchises. One is the Kochi franchise and the other is the Kolkata Knight Riders. Both have a rich history in the ITP and have beaten several top class sides. Both have also won several matches over the years. These two teams represent Sri Lanka and have a lot of fans in India as well as overseas. It will be an exciting match to watch and it will also be an opportunity for fans in India to witness the prowess of their cricketing stars.


In the last four World Cups, India has won all them and looks set to defend their ITP title. There is no doubt that with captain Virat Kohli is leading the way, they have the potential to win any match held against another top side in a tournament like the IPL. This is why this series will definitely be a goalless. When looking at India vs Sri Lanka test series history, both the teams have a lot of things in common. They have both won many Tests played in India as well as overseas and they are both experienced.


The last four World Cups has been a major source of motivation for both the players and the fans in India. India has never finished in the group stage, whereas Sri Lanka has finished last in all their appearances. The fans in India have been very excited about the possibility of this happening and want this season to be India’s year in Sri Lanka. The most recent statistics show that both teams are evenly matched in terms of cricketing ability. With all their skill in the field, it will not be surprising to see this match end in a draw.


Sri Lanka started off the series well when they were the dominant side in the first few overs but were unable to sustain their high pace for the entire match. India on the other hand put in some good performances and finally managed to win against the Lanka batsmen. If both teams continue to play at their top levels, they will certainly go a long way in this IPL. By drawing against each other in the final match-wise statistics, India will definitely move ahead in the tournament.

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