india vs sri lanka test 2021

How Match Problems Affect Testosterone Levels in Both Countries

In India vs Sri Lanka, the intensity of competition will be a battle for supremacy in the cricketing world. Both the countries boast of several legendary cricketers, some who are legends on the field and legends off the field. These two countries have a long standing cricketing relationship and have been welcoming tourists from all over the world for decades. The presence of batsmen and wickets has always been a point of great contention between these two countries.


Recently however, the Indian batsmen have started to get more publicity outside their home country. Till recently, their performance has not been consistent enough to earn their place in the top side. However, recently they have started to win games and become a force to be reckoned with. During this period of rapid development in their cricketing careers, the Indian test players have been known to be the best in the conditions.


Testosterone is a hormone that has an influence on the characteristics of males. The level of testosterone varies between men. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that helps to build muscle mass. Sri Lanka has a population where the men are much larger in size than women. This fact has led to the fact that Sri Lanka has the highest proportion of overweight players in the cricket world.


Many Sri Lankan players have a problem with their body weight. Some say that it is simply a genetic disorder. Others say that it is because they do not eat a balanced diet. In any case, the situation is a serious setback to the overall progress of the cricket world cup teams. As they do not have sufficient Testosterone, their performance suffers and they are out of the running for the finals.


In contrast, India’s Testosterone stands at a normal level. However, the players from India have to work harder on their body weight problems. They are known to have a diet plan that includes high protein and fatty foods. Many players even complain of insomnia and stress related illnesses.


Both Sri Lanka and India have a number of players who are in their 30s. Therefore, their Testosterone levels start to decline at a rapid rate, and they find it difficult to make it up to the required standards. The team management has to take this into consideration while choosing players for the match. There are players like Kumar Sangakkara and opener keeper Munizhan Singh who have been playing for their country for over a decade now, and they have not been able to bring their levels up, and have suffered from age-related decline.


One of the reasons why Sri Lanka has been unable to improve their performance is their inability to rotate players. A batsman can play only three games in a season. So they need players like Dhammal Roy and Mahela de Vera, who have played a lot of matches. These players need to be rested regularly so that they are fresh in the next Test match. Rotating players have the ability to improve their performances with ease.


The other big issue with India Vs Sri Lanka in the test cricket world is the use of artificial balls. This has been a tradition in the cricket world, where batsmen use aluminum rods to bat. This causes a lot of damage to the Testosterone levels of players. So it is suggested that the cricket world adopts a method where players use wooden bats. Man-made wooden bats do not contain any harmful ingredients and also do not increase the level of testosterone in the body.

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