india vs sri lanka test 2021 schedule

Two Brilliant Games of Talent

The ongoing IBOLE tournament is going to be played in India against Sri Lanka. Both these teams are known for their great cricketing careers. India won the Cricket World Cup last year by beating Sri Lanka in the final match. So, India vs Sri Lanka test cricket tournament are considered as a clash of two great cricketing nations.


There are many matches scheduled in this tournament. On the other hand, Sri Lanka has many stars like Kumar Sangakkara, Mahelavela, Upmanath Nadu and Chaminda Vaquerimberran. Cricket world cup 2021 is going to be played in West Indies. It has been rumoured that this tournament will be the final tournament between two arch rivals. In the past few years, both the teams have tried to win the IBOLE tournament quite often.


During this era, both the cricket teams are quite interested in winning this event and getting the scalp. They have made massive investments on their cricket fields and their players. But still, the results are disappointing and the profits of both the sides have not been huge.


Recent studies have revealed that Sri Lanka has been practicing Testosterone boosting drugs. In the previous years, cricket players were regularly using these testosterone boosters for increasing the confidence and power while playing. These boosters were secretly implemented during the late 80’s. Even today, many players of Sri Lanka are suffering from low levels of testosterone as compared to players of other countries.


The doctors of Sri Lanka have not raised the issue of testing the players’ testosterone levels. Recently, the news broke that a leading batsman of Sri Lanka has tested positive for Testosterone, even though he was taking the prescribed dosage of an anti-aging drug. According to a report, the doctor examined the batsmen after which he informed the player that he has tested positive for Testosterone. However, he refused to confirm it and promised to do it once he is satisfied with the test results.


The players took the news very negatively, even as it is a very common thing in the sports world. It is also true that many players have been found taking steroids even during the practice sessions. However, in the recent times, many athletes have been caught using these supplements. There have also been cases where swimmers and divers have been found taking these supplements.


Cricket is not an exception to this. Earlier, when there were many players involved in this sport, there were no negative outcomes. But now things have changed. As the players have become professionals, so have the players’ attitudes towards their health. And unfortunately, many of them have crossed the line and have seriously endangered their careers.


So you see, while there are several positives in India vs Sri Lanka cricket, you need to be careful. Do not put your life at stake, just because you want to win a match. This is not the time to experiment with drugs that can harm your body and mind. Take your life seriously!


The best thing about India vs Sri Lanka is that it will help players from both sides understand what is expected from them. Many players in the past have turned out to be heroes only because they tried their best. Today, many of them do not realize that they have to put their all in the game. They need to be mentally tough and focused if they want to win. Cricket is a mind game and if a player cannot handle this, then they will never fulfill their goal. So take your game to another level and understand that being a hero is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Today many players in the field of sports are suffering from various kinds of side effects because of the use of synthetic testosterone. So try to avoid using steroids if possible. However, if you have to use them, you should choose the correct kind of product which is approved by the FDA. You should also ask your doctor for advice on what type of product would suit your body and your needs the best.


Cricket world cup is one of the most awaited matches of the year. Two of the most popular players in the world are Indian batsman, Tillakaratne Kumar and Sri Lanka all-rounder, Sinusala Rene. These two players are considered to be among the best and they know that their game is just an arm or a leg work. They need to be extremely focused on their game if they want to score runs and make their team win the game. Today, cricket fans can witness a thrilling game of skill as both the teams battle hard to win the title.


If you are a fan, all you have to do is to go online and check out the game. In fact, you can watch highlights of every cricket match that is being played either on television or live in the ground. In fact, many fans have gained popularity because of this match. So if you are a cricket fan, you should not miss this opportunity. Besides India vs Sri Lanka, this is a good opportunity to get the true value of the sport and to see how far it has reached.

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