india vs sri lanka test 2018

Sri Lanka Vs India Test Series – Preview

The famous tri-day test between India vs Sri Lanka in Colombo, which started on October 4th this year, has already proved to be a great success. Both the teams have shown their intensity throughout the course of the tournament, and the final result is highly satisfactory for both. Both the team that placed third in the test series is India, while Sri Lanka has pulled through to secure a position at the top of the table. So what can we expect from this historic test series?


In order to give a proper assessment of the situation, it is important to first of all take a look at the overall standings of the two teams. Both the sides have a clear advantage over the other in the one-day format, with the Lankans having managed to score more than the century mark (and maintaining their winning pace) despite the fact that they had only been playing cricket for just twenty-four days. On the other hand, India had managed to win eleven out of their twenty-four matches till date, which is quite a commendable record, and this is especially so considering the fact that they are the world champions. This was the biggest surprise of the test series-if you had any expectations for the Sri Lanka team, then this must have been one of the first that you had in your mind.


If we have already analyzed the records of both the sides, then it is also important to take a look at their recent past. It seems that Sri Lanka hasn’t exactly been able to live up to the expectations that have been placed on them, which is largely due to the slow progress that their batsmen have been making recently. Against any other team, they should have been able to perform well against most top class opponents, but somehow things have been not working out like they are supposed to be. That being said, this does not mean that Sri Lanka can’t win the test match against India. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that could help the Lankan side win the series.


There are many things that Sri Lanka can do in order to improve their chances of winning against India in the next test series-but one of the biggest things is their slow pace to pick up the bat. Sri Lanka has only picked up two runs from their ten matches in the domestic season, and this has been the lowest number of runs that they have ever scored in ten matches. That being said, it would be surprising if they manage to score more than twenty runs against the Indian team in the next test match.


In terms of match-wise statistics, the total number of runs that have been scored by both the Sri Lanka team and the India team that has been playing is much higher than what the average is for each team. This is mainly because of the fact that Sri Lanka hasn’t been able to win any of their five matches played so far. They haven’t even been able to win any one of their six matches played so far in the IPL. However, they have managed to win two matches, which is not bad at all, but is nowhere near the standards that have been set by the other two teams so far.


Perhaps the most important aspect of the match-wise statistics is the performance of the batsmen. Between the batsmen of both the teams, there are just under ten runs that have been scored off the bats of Sri Lanka. However, against India, the run rate has been much higher at about fifty percent. Overall, the result of this is that the batsmen of Sri Lanka haven’t been able to do too well against the potent attack of the Indians, although they managed to win twice.


It will be very interesting to see how the runs continue to come in after this. The most likely scenario is that either the batsmen of Sri Lanka will start to win matches with bat speed and skill, or the Indians will start winning with their seamers. Either way, it looks as though the balance in the team won’t be able to sustain the kind of figures that have been achieved so far. In fact, they haven’t even managed to win a match yet. Given the fact that both teams have only played against each other once so far, the only possible reason for this is the pitches at Colombo and Galle.


Both the teams have got used to playing on hard surfaces like the one at Colombo, where the runs have been fairly balanced. They may find the wickets at Galle much more difficult to play on, given the slow pitch, but both sides have been able to take enough runs to win two games so far, which is pretty encouraging. The balance between the runs being made by both sides, Sri Lanka seem to have the upper hand at the moment, but it will always be anyone’s game if the conditions get any harder.

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