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Was the India Vs Sri Lanka 2021 T20I Draw Really Exciting?

The match between India vs Sri Lanka is the most anticipated cricket clash of the year. The two most famous bowlers in the world have been chosen for this competition. Both the teams are managed by the respective Board of Cricket chairman while the respective team management has the responsibility of selecting the best players. This decision-making process has to be according to the wish of the governing board and also according to the player selection policy of each team.


Two of the most prominent players in the world have been selected for the match; India’s Virat Kohli and Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews. These two players have earned a lot of popularity recently and have earned the respect of their admirers both on and off the field. Both batsmen are known for their exceptional skills and their ability to hit it long and hard. They have earned a lot of respect from all the cricket fans all over the world. In fact, for some times it was a challenge for them to surpass the legend of batting legends, Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponty.


The match itself will be played at the Hamburger Thymeen International Stadium in Colombo. There are several venues that can be played at in this tournament. Earlier, the first ever edition of Indian vs Sri Lanka was played at the Eden Gardens in Kandy. But owing to the poor weather conditions, the organizers had to postpone the match by a few days. It was then moved to Colombo and finally the date was fixed for the second T20I in India Vs Sri Lanka. Since there was no dearth of star performers in the team, the third T20I was also played in Colombo.


With the fans being fired up for the match, I have seen a lot of supporters of both the teams trying out their best to win the toss and get five or six. I have also seen supporters of both teams trying out their best to make runs and get wickets. Both teams have players with special skills of hitting the ball hard to cover up the mistakes of the other team. The score was 5-1 in the end and that was as far as the Indian fans were able to go when Sri Lanka came to play another T20I against India in July.


The semi final was played at a church in Colombo. It was a great day for cricket fans as there was an open air cricket which meant that fans could watch the game from the top balcony of their house. During the match, we can see that there were more spectators watching the semi final than the fans during the entire match. It was a very good opportunity for fans to enjoy witnessing the two countries. During the first T20I in October, many people were injured in a stampede that happened near the railway station at Colombo.


During the second T20I in July, another stampede occurred near the same railway station and people suffered injuries. Since the incident occurred near the church where the semi final was being played, the police decided to cancel the entire tournament. There were security issues as well and the organizers decided not to proceed with the event. But later they changed their minds and decided to proceed with the tournament. Sri Lanka won the toss and went on to beat India by three wickets.


Till now we are only aware of the first T20I, but there have been many other matches which were played between India vs Sri Lanka in the past. Till now we are also unaware of the venues for these matches, which were held in different parts of Sri Lanka. Only the venues for the second T20I were announced and we know nothing about the venues for the other matches which were held in different cities of Sri Lanka. A complete understanding of the situation would help us fans a lot in making our own judgment on what should be done now. A perfect way should be found out to stop all such incidents before they take place.


Sri Lanka is one of the most loved teams by fans all over the world and it will be great if the players perform with much professionalism and heart in every game they play. I hope the Government does something soon so that the ongoing tensions do not affect the already fragile peace in the country. Let us hope that the Indian players can play a great game and win against Sri Lanka in the next T20I. Let us all cheer on the winners of the world cup and hope that Government does whatever it takes to keep everyone safe and secure.

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